A Job Portfolio Will Guarantee You A Better Job


Simply because at a job interview, showing a prospective employer samples of work you have done is far, far more convincing than just stating what you did at your last job. A CV may get you an interview, a job portfolio will get you the job because 'seeing is believing'. Click here to see a simple example of a Job Portfolio. Tip: State on your CV/Resume that you will bring a job portfolio with you if invited for an interview.

Designers, engineers, models, translators, always take portfolios to job interviews, they would never go to a job interview without one. From today, you too can also do the same. After off-site work experience or work placement through us, download a job portfolio* and take it with you to each and every job interview from now on. The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is still true today as it ever was. Job Portfolios at an interview can paint a much better picture of your potential than you could ever convey with just the spoken word.

* If you are registered unemployed, we can help you build your own job portfolio. Speak to a Jobcenter Plus work coach re-opportunity PRO-124178.