A Great Job Portfolio Will Guarantee You A Better Job.


Simply because at a job interview, showing a prospective employer samples of work you have done is far, far more convincing than just stating what you did at your last job. A CV/Résumé may get you an interview, a great job portfolio will get you the job because 'seeing is believing'.

Click here to see a simple example of a Job Portfolio.

State on your CV/Résumé that you will bring a Job Portfolio containing samples of actual work that you have done recently if invited to a job interview - virtual or face to face. Also, if you are submitting your CV/Résumé online to a CV/Résumé website why not also include a link to a copy of your Job Portfolio. That is what those in the creative industries do e.g. architects, designers, models.

Designers, engineers, models, translators, always take portfolios to job interviews, they would never go to a job interview without one. From today, you too can also do the same. After off-site work experience or work placement through us, download a job portfolio* and take it with you to each and every job interview from now on. The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is still true today as it ever was. Job Portfolios at an interview can paint a much better picture of your potential than you could ever convey with just the spoken word.

* If you are registered unemployed (UK only), we can help you build your own job portfolio. Speak to a Jobcentre Plus adviser re-referral number PRO-214143.