Before reading through the FAQ below the following background information may help make the answers given in the FAQ even more meaningful.
EGP/Jobportfolios can best be described as similar in operation to the UK’s AA membership program. The Automobile Association commonly referred to as the AA was originally set up to provide immediate roadside assistance in the event of a car breakdown.
The EGP membership through Jobportfolios was set up to provide immediate assistance for employment breakdowns. Similar to the AA whose roadside assistance is often of a temporary nature until a permanent solution is found; EGP does the same.
EGP stands for Employment Gap Prevention. Membership is designed to prevent a gap growing into an obstacle or impediment to a person getting up and running again with a new job as quickly as possible.
It does this by providing guaranteed meaningful work experience/work placement in companies within 24 hours. The work provided is unpaid but is guaranteed to prevent a gap growing in the member’s employment history.
The hours and days required to work is entirely in the hands of the EGP member. There is no minimum or maximum number of days or hours that a member needs to work e.g. 1 hour, 1 day etc., the member decides.
For more information please take a look at the FAQ below.

Q. Why is the work provided unpaid?
A. It is unpaid because the only way we can guarantee to prevent a gap growing in your CV/Résumé work history is to provide unpaid temporary work within 24 hours.

Q. What evidence will I be given to show that there is no gap in my work history?
A. All the companies working with our program provide 24/7 job references.

Q. Can you guarantee me work irrespective of where I live?
A. Yes we can. Through the companies, we partner with our work programs are global.

Q. Is there a maximum length of time that I can choose to work under my membership?
A. Whilst as already mentioned there is no minimum or maximum hours or days required for you to work, there is a maximum that you can work and that is determined by the type of membership you hold. For example, if you hold a 1-month basic membership then you can only work a maximum of 30 days.

Q. What type of work will I be required to undertake during this period?
A. Currently, and depending on what type of membership you hold, members can choose to work in one or more of the following areas: admin, bookkeeping/accounts, business, IT, law, marketing, media, music, and translation. We will be adding other work areas in the future.

Q. If I chose to work in an area that I have no experience of will I receive any training?
A. Yes, you will. The training you will receive will be sufficient for you to be able to provide the company you will be working for with a meaningful contribution to the company’s overall business.