Frequently Asked Questions

"...job portfolios are not just for designers and models..."

Q. I have been given a free 1 month work placement membership. Suppose I want to do more than 1 month but cannot afford the renewal fee?
A. In that 1 month you can produce 1 or more job portfolios containing samples of your work ability. You can then show these to a charity in your country and ask them to sponsor you.

Q: How would you describe the overall purpose of the Job Polios platform?
A: To provide a global employment support platform that can 1/ help those seeking employment gain a competitive edge at the interview level: 2/ help those seeking a promotion within their current job placement; 3/ help those who find themselves unemployed regain employment as quickly as possible because every week out of a job is income lost forever.

Q: How can work experience/work placement with you help me get a paying job?
A: When applying for a job first impressions do count. Our work experience programs allows you to take samples of your own work to build a Job Portfolio. Job Portfolios are what designers and those in the creative industries always take to interviews to showcase their skills, because seeing is believing. Very few employers will dismiss a relevant CV that also states that a Job Portfolio will be taken to the interview for the employer to see.

Q: Do I have to find the companies that will offer me work experience?
A: No. We provide you with companies who will allow you to keep samples of the work you do for them to include in your job portfolio.

Q: Do I need any special qualifications or previous knowledge to be accepted onto your work program?
A: As long as you can read and understand what is required of you no previous knowledge of any kind is needed to register onto our programme. Getting started is simple if you follow the link How It Works.

Q: Currently you offer work experience in Administration, Business, Law and Media, can I do all of them or must I choose just one?
A: On all paid membership levels you can do one or all of them.

Q: How many hours or days must I do per week?
A: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week; 1 month - you choose. There are no minimums or maximums required.

Q: Can you offer work experience/placement in other areas other than in Administration, Business, Law, Media and Translation?
A: We are looking at other areas. However, with imagination our current program can be adapted to help people gain employment in other areas such as Retail. To get an idea of how you could adapt our current programs to help you get into Retail Click Here.

Q: Do I need to report in, log in or inform anybody when I want to do some work?
A: No, There is absolutely no requirement to first notify us in any way when you want to work. Just start and stop working as and when you want to.

Q: Will I need to travel far for work experience/work placement?
A: No, You can choose to do your work experience/work placement in the nearest major town or city to where you live.

Q: Can I dress in jeans and trainers?
A: Yes you can but we recommend that, at the very least, you dress smart casual for your own self-confidence and self-respect?

Q: Can I change to another work experience area e.g. admin to media, if I feel that I have had enough of the area I am in?
A: Yes. As long as you are registered onto one of our paid Membership Levels you can swop, or do both at the same time during your membership period.

Q: Do I need to wait until I get a job offer before I can request a job reference?
A: No. As long as you have uploaded a work assignment you can request a job reference at any time. Tip: As a way to get a head start on the competition you can download a job reference and send it off with your job application form or CV/Resume. And if for some reason you can't attach it then on your CV/Resume instead of saying 'References available on request' which everyone else says, write 'I will bring job references with me if you invite me for an interview.'

Q: Can I obtain more than one job reference?
A: Yes. During your work experience you can request more than one job reference.

Q: Can I obtain a job reference after my membership has ended?
A: Yes. However, you will first need to renew your paid membership as a monthly, annual or lifetime member.

Q: Can I show a prospective employer some of the work assignments I have completed during my work experience with you?
A: Yes - we call it showing a Job Portfolio. As long as your membership has not expired you can download some or all of your uploaded work experience assignments and show them to a prospective employer. Tip: If your membership is about to expire you may want to download your work experience assignments for future use as a Job Portfolio.

Q: Where do I go to download my work experience assignments?
A: Log in then click on 'Job Portfolios' located in the Menue'. Inside that part of your account will be all the files you have uploaded. Click on any of the file names to download it.

Q: When I upload reports I notice that there is an invitation to download 'Upload Replacement Templates'. Why do I need replacement templates?
A: Whenever you upload some work you must use the correct upload folder as directed in your work instructions - see front page of any Upload Folder. If you have already uploaded a folder you may need a new blank template folder to fill in if you did not make a blank copy of your uploaded folder before filling it in.

Q: Can I gain additional training during my work experience?
A: Yes. You can take further training units free of any charge during your work experience period with us - see inside your initial training material. However, we also have other free courses of greater depth and length e.g. legal skills, paralegal, business, and media; they are available through another of our programs - go to

Q: Can I change from working on my own to working in a group?
A: Yes. On our work programme you can work with a friend/buddy or as a small group. If you are registered at a Jobcentre or if you are a student speak to an advisor/work coach for possible suggestions on who you can team up with.

Q: If I work as part of a group do I need to sign some special group agreement?
A: No. Simply make an informal agreement between yourselves to work together.

Q: Will you cover my traveling costs?
A: No. We do not cover your traveling costs. We believe that 'Work Experience' should be looked at as an investment in yourself - we hope you agree. However, if traveling costs are an issue we suggest you do one or both of the following a/ go to a location nearest to you, b/ do it on a day that you would be traveling out and about any way, in that way it will not be an extra cost.

Q: Will it be possible to get employed work with the companies I do work experience/work placement with under this program?
A: The short answer is that it is unlikely, though not impossible. The program was primarily set up to provide help to the millions of job seekers and those seeking to improve their employment situations globally. The companies working with us joined the program for this specific reason, not as a way to provide permanent employment for the millions of job seekers that exist globally.
However, for those who may have the desire to work for themselves opportunities exist with JobPortfolios to become a global agent. Contact us if interested.

Q: Is Employment Gap Protection an insurance policy?
A: No it is not an insurance policy or product. All our members automatically have the right to utilize our global work program to prevent a gap growing in their CV/Résumé. Through our network of businesses a person can lose their job today and start an unpaid but guaranteed job the next day; in areas such as admin, business, law, media and translation.

Q: What is the difference between The SAS Law School and JobPortfolios?
A: The SAS Law School which started over 24 years ago created to develop and promote the use of its job portfolio creation program globally.

Q: If I need to contact someone in The SAS Law School or JobPortfolios how do I do so?
A: Simply click on Contact us located in the Menu.