This website is owned by our parent company The SAS Law School.

Because we take seriously the privacy of those who use our websites, and, and who may open an account with us, in order to fully utilize our services, we have limited the need for personal data to the bare minimum; only sufficient to allow us to identify an account user and provide the said account user with the services we provide account users of this website.



We limit the personal data required for those listed as the company’s contact person to only the following: a/first and last name, b/ email address, c/ phone number, d/ gender. We do not require any other personal data/information.


We do not knowingly collect information of persons who are under the minimum required ages specified here in. Residents of the European Union must be at least 16. Persons outside of the EU must be at least 13. Persons who are under 18 must obtain parental consent to register as members.


We do not pass on to any third party personal data of our account holder/users. If an account holder/user wishes to make a payment to our website this is done through a third party’s website. And any personal data they as the third party may request for will be under their Privacy Policy and Protocols.

Currently, we use PayPal and Dusupay as payment gateways and we will, to the best of our ability, always seek to make sure that any such third party payment gateway also has in place Privacy Policies and Protocols.


Due to our basic belief of not requiring more personal data than is absolutely necessary, unless required by law we have no intention of changing this policy. However, should there ever be a need to do so it will always be with the same aim of limiting such data requirement to the bare minimum.