Globally, You Can Attend A Job Interview With One Of Our Job Portfolios.


Through our global programme you can do an off-site / remote work experience placement for one of our network of companies. You can do a work experience placement in admin, bookkeeping/accounts, business, IT, law, media and translation. On completing your work assignments you will be allowed to keep samples of your own work to put together a job portfolio. Work 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or more, you choose; work days, evenings, weekends, you choose. In addition to your job portfolio you will be supported further with a job reference from each of the companies you work for.

Tip: State on your CV/Résumé that you will bring job references as well as your job portfolio if invited for an interview.

Uniquely, we allow participants of our work experience placements, which at times, can be quite challenging, to do their work experience placement in pairs or in small groups. By utilizing the buddy system, those who may feel somewhat intimidated by an area of work can muster up courage to meet the challenge. This feature can be useful for school leavers, college students and graduates getting ready for entering the workplace. Also available, is further optional training which will enable participants to improve the quality and complexity of their work samples.